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Kawasaki KH400-A3-A4-A5 Stainless Steel JIS Screw Kit

Kawasaki KH400-A3-A4-A5 Stainless Steel JIS Screw Kit

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This kit fits the engine casings of the Kawasaki KH triple 400cc approx 1976-1978

We are now supplying some engine casing kits in Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws in stainless steel.

These screws in M6 have a head size of 10mm, slightly smaller than standard I.S.O. The pitch is 1mm.

These are not the original steel zinc plated screws, these are a replacement set of screws and will not rust.

Each kit comes with a 5ml sachet of copper grease.

This set covers the

Oil pump cover

Clutch cover

Generator cover

Front sprocket cover.

Genuine Japanese Industrial Standard screws, sourced and made in Japan


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