Collection: JIS Washers Trivalent White Cr-3

 JIS Washers Trivalent White Cr-3

Types of washers we sell

  • Flat washers, which are the most basic type of washer and are used to distribute the load of a fastener over a larger area.
  • Lock washers, which have teeth or a protrusion on one side that digs into the material being fastened to help prevent the fastener from coming loose.
  • Spring washers, which are designed to compress and provide a pre-load to the fastener, helping to maintain the clamping force over time.
  • Fender washers, which are larger and have a greater surface area than standard flat washers and are used for applications where a larger bearing surface is needed.
  • Shake proof washers, which have a unique design that helps to prevent the fastener from coming loose due to vibration.