Collection: JIS Unmarked Hex Bolts Stainless Steel

JIS Unmarked Hex Bolts  A2 Stainless

SUS304 (A2)
With Mo (molybdenum) added, which has good corrosion resistance.
In addition, corrosion resistance is improved by increasing the amount of Ni (8% for 304).
Stainless steel that is easier to process than SUS304.
 Cr18% + Ni9% + Cu3%
Cu (copper), a soft metal, is added to SUS304, which does not have good cold workability, to suppress work hardening and make it easier to cold work.
Corrosion resistance and strength are equivalent to SUS304.

SUS316 (A4)
Stainless steel has particularly good corrosion resistance among austenitic stainless steels.
 Cr18% + Ni12% + Mo2% 

Measure from end of thread to under the head

Bolt 5mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 0.80mm Head A/F 8mm Head Depth 3.5mm

Bolt 6mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.00mm Head A/F 10mm Head Depth 4mm

Bolt 8mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.25mm Head A/F 12/13mm Head Depth 5mm

Bolt 10mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.25mm Head A/F 14/17mm Head Depth 7mm