Collection: JIS Unmarked Hex Bolts Trivalent White Cr-3

JIS Unmarked Hex Bolts Trivalent White Cr-3
Selection of Unmarked Full and half Thread Hex Bolts

Unlike ISO bolts JIS bolts do not have any markings on the head, or if so maybe a DOT or M

ISO Metric bolts have the tensile strength on the head 8.8 10.9 or 12.9 

These unmarked bolts were found on early Japanese vehicles 
Measure from end of thread to under the head

Bolt 5mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 0.80mm Head A/F 8mm Head Depth 3.5mm

Bolt 6mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.00mm Head A/F 10mm Head Depth 4mm

Bolt 8mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.25mm Head A/F 12/13mm Head Depth 5mm

Bolt 10mm Length +0/-1.0mm Pitch 1.25mm Head A/F 14/17mm Head Depth 7mm